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Hands down, this is the coolest bike bell I’ve seen in Toronto! Though I’m still lovin’ my candy apple red Public Federico bike bell and I’ve more bells than I’ve bikes (I kinda collect ’em – bells, that is), I’ve been coveting this This Bike is My Car bell since I spotted it in action last week when I was locking up my bike.

So I had to find out where to get it. A quick search led me to Perpetual Kid, a U.S.-based company that sells fun items that appeal to the kid in all of us. Some products verge on novelty (the cheeky emergency moustaches “sealed for freshness” come to mind) while others are pretty and practical (the oh so cute cupcake bandages tickle my fancy). Their bike bells fall in the latter category, and This Bike is My Car is most def my fave, with its green, pro-cycling slogan.

And as if I needed another reason to pine for it, each cheap ‘n’ cheerful bell ($15.99 US) is hand-painted with eco-friendly paint! I’m thisclose to buying it. It’s hard to resist, I tell ya. I love the message: that a bike is more than a mode of transportation – it’s a way of life.


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