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i want my head in a nutcase helmet

This Nutcase helmet in particular: the Gen2 Dots. It has pretty polkadots, and the adjustable spin dial in the back makes for a comfy fit. Plus, there’s the anti-pinch magnetic buckle, which is easy to open or close with one hand – even a warm mittened hand, just perfect for winter riding, lest you forget my B-icicle challenge! And did I mention the playful polka-dots? They make the helmet way visible during the day, and night-time drivers should spot (get it?) the reflective logos on the front, back and sides. The colourful array of other Nutcase designs caught my eye when I was buying my dear bell Federico at Cycle Couture, but Dots is The One, and I hope they get it in stock soon.

but i also like me a bern berkley zipmold helmet

Now, because I’m a slave to fashion (not really) and hate riding with a chilly neck and ears (really), I’ve also had my eye on the striking Bern Berkley Zipmold foam helmet in Matte Cyan, with an optional cold-weather knit you can snap into it for winter warmth. I’m getting toasty just thinking about it! Annnd turquoise is my favourite colour. Really, it is! It’s cheerful and looks great against a glowing tan in summer…and pops against the white stuff in winter. I want the Bern Berkley. It’s mine.


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