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This TV Sucks – Ride Your Bike bumper sticker from the Bloomfield Bicycle Co. has been stuck to my bike since I bought the awesome sticky slogan back in 2009, when I cycled through Bloomfield, Ontario, on the Great Waterfront Trail Adventure, an exciting 8-day supported bike tour along Toronto’s Waterfront Trail, from Niagara, Ontario, to Rivière-Beaudette, Quebec.

I’ve never seen another TV Sucks – Ride Your Bike bumper sticker in Toronto, since Bloomfield is a good 4-hour drive away, though I’ve spotted tons of Bikes on Bloor “protest” bumper stickers plastered on everything from bikes to bikes stands to bike helmets.

So was I ever excited to find another TV Sucks – Ride Your Bike sticker when I went to lock up my bike yesterday! Made by the Bloomfield Bicycle Co., a bike shop in the wee village of Bloomfield, in the picturesque Prince Edward County, the sticker is a mere $1 for the 5-inch bike-size version (the 10-inch car size is $2). The County, as locals call it, is an eastern Ontario hot spot for road cycling and leisure riding alike, with low-traffic country roads overflowing with galleries, wineries, cheese shops, a cidery, a brewery and even a lavender farm. Hence, the popular bike slogan.

Whenever I tour Prince Edward County, I make sure to pop into the Bloomfield Bicycle Co. for their terrific lube (if you bring back your used bottles, they’ll refill them at a discount) and to soothe my soul by checking out their TV Sucks gear, such as the stickers and T-shirts and jerseys. Though I don’t really believe that TV sucks, I do think more people should turn off the boob tube (or computer) and get outside year-round, and I proudly display the slogan to all Torontonians when I lock up my bike in the city.

I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for another sighting!


What: Bloomfield Bicycle Co.‘s TV Sucks – Ride Your Bike bumper sticker
Where: Bloomfield, Ontario, Canada
225 Main St., Bloomfield, Ontario, KOK 1GO; 613-393-1060. A picturesque little village in the lovely Prince Edward County, a cycling, foodie, art lover and wine aficionado’s haven.
When: Prince Edward comes alive with cyclists spring to fall. Many cyclists camp at Sandbanks Provincial Park, about a 12 km ride from Bloomfield.
Cost: Bike version $1 (5 inches); car version $2 (10 inches).
Why: Featuring a catchy slogan for cyclists, the sticker is a popular purchase! 


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