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Say hello to Federico! He’s my handsome glossy red brass bell ($20) from San Francisco’s Public Bikes. I spotted my dear Federico at Cycle Couture, a chic new bike shop in Toronto and had to buy him, even though I already have two extra bike bells. Federico is my ideal cycling companion: he’s sexy, he’s stylish, and, better yet, he’s loud.   Meaning, he’s all about safe city riding. That’s what I look for in good gear.

Here’s what Public Bikes says about Federico:

You definitely need a bell for city riding, unless you like to yell or whistle a lot. However, a good bike bell can be hard to find. So when our Italian pal Federico tracked down the manufacturer of this fine brass bell, we named it after him. You’ll appreciate (as well as passersby) the loud but elegantly civil tone, as opposed to the abrasive or tinny tone of most bells. ‘Federico’ is available only at Public, unless you choose to visit him in Florence.

A good-looking Italian…and funny too! Ah, Federico, how I adore you.


This Minnie Mouse-inspired bike helmet is sooo me!

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