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It never fails to make me laugh: when a flock of geese crossing the street stops traffic!

One by one, these Canada geese cautiously stepped in front of my mom’s car tonight, as we were driving back to Toronto after a daytrip up at Lake Simcoe. We were slowly cruising when my brother noticed the flock grazing on the swath of grass on the right side of the road.

And so we stopped.

And waited.

And then the first one inched forward, very tentatively followed by another and another. All the while, we were laughing at how the geese know how to cross so that they don’t get run over – and how drivers so willingly comply by patiently stopping as they do so.

We noticed that as cars approached, some of the geese in this flock flapped their wings and extended their necks, seeming larger and more imposing while drawing attention to themselves crossing as a group. They were fully aware of traffic and proceeded cautiously. It was a fascinating sight indeed.

And what, exactly, did these grazing birds do when they got to the other side of the road? Why, eat dinner, of course!