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Yay! Part 3 of my three-part series on Costa Rica for the Travel+Escape channel’s website is live! And so far, my post about snorkelling the waters near Cano Island is the most popular of the three blog posts. Perhaps people relate to my fear of open water…and the slimy stuff in that water. Or maybe people like reading about someone trying to overcome that fear. Probably it’s the story about how I snorkelled with sharks! Sorta.

Part 2 of the Travel+Escape series was about my two daytrips to Corcovado National Park, which was monkey paradise!

And Part 1, which I’d posted about before, was about how I forged a crocodile-infested river in Drake Bay to get to the deserted beach on the other side. Not really. It was more about how I’d have to wait for low tide to cross the river near the ocean because I didn’t want to meet the caimans lurking in the calmer water down the river. And how having to wait for the tides taught me to slow down and just enjoy doing nothing.


It's a jungle out there!

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