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That’s right! That’s me on International Dance Day (IDD) 2011, dancing in a flashmob as part of the National Ballet School‘s celebrations in Toronto’s David Pecaut Square, in front of Roy Thomson Hall! Hard to spot, I know. I’m behind the ladies in red: look for purple hair, pink scarf, blue jacket.

I’m sooo not a dancer, yet for that very brief moment last spring – thanks to the National Ballet School (NBS) and International Dance Day – I considered myself one. Best. Experience. Ever. The NBS IDD flashmob was the coolest and waaay-out-of-my-comfort-zone awesomest (I know that’s not a word, but it rhymes and I’m going to plead artistic license here). Go on, check out my moves below! I come in on the second verse of Joel Plaskett’s “Penny for Your Thoughts,” but don’t worry if you can’t find me. Even I have a hard time spotting myself till about 3 minutes and 35 seconds in.


What: A flashmob, silly! Specifically, the National Ballet School of Canada‘s second annual flashmob on International Dance Day, April 29, 2011. I rehearsed for two months with the school’s teachers-in-training to perfect my smooth moves!
Where: Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In David Pecaut Square, beside Roy Thomson Hall, in the heart of the entertainment district. This year’s flashmob could be anywhere in Toronto! Psst…in 2012 we’re doing it Bollywood style!
When: International Dance Day takes place every April 29, with dance flashmobs occuring worldwide! There might even be one in your city.
Why: Flashmobs are a spirited way to celebrate a love of dance.


Want to learn the lowdown
on how I got flashmobbing?
You’ll find out soon…
oh so soon!