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Last night, I saw the doc Calvet as part of Doc Soup, Hot Docs‘ monthly documentary screening series here in Toronto. Intense film, but, gosh, what’s stuck in my head is the short before Calvet: Benjamin Wigley‘s PS Your Mystery Sender. The quirkiest snippet of a film. I wish…I wish it were longer than its wee 9 minutes. It’s about Paul Smith. The Paul Smith! U.K. fashion designer Paul Smith. And how someone has been sending him random objects in the post for 20 years. No boxes. Just unwrapped seemingly random items creatively plastered with relevant postage stamps (a surfboard mailed with stamps of the ocean) and marked with his address, but no return addy. And he has no clue who’s been sending them. Items like an E.T. doll, a football, an orange safety pylon with “happy birthday” written inside the cone (LOVE!!!), a dressmaker’s judy, a watering can, a diorama of his studio…the list goes on. I sooo want to mail him something myself, but I don’t know how it could clear customs unwrapped. You could try it yourself, though. His addy is: 40-44 Floral St., Covent Garden, London, England WC2E 9DG. Tempting, very tempting, no? You can watch the whimsical trailers above and below – I dare you not to smile!