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This video makes me want to live at Type Books, or at least have a sleepover there! The owners of the independent Toronto bookstore are clearly celebrating the joy of books. Not e-books, not e-readers: books. Physical. Tactile. Pages you can curl up with, dog-ear, write on, smell. A bold, solid-colour hardcover or pretty paperback. I could never give up reading or buying paper books. I like having my own to read again and again – sometimes just a phrase or a scene (Michael Ondaatje‘s novel The English Patient), other times cover to cover (humourist A.J. Jacobs’ memoir The Know-It-All). Books elicit happiness, sadness, anger, dread, frustration, understanding. And in this whimsical stop-motion video, made by the lovely owners of Type, books truly bring us joy.

What: Type Books
Where: 883 Queen St. W., Toronto, Ont., 416-366-8973;
427 Spadina Rd., Toronto, Ont., 416-487-8973

Why: Did you watch the video???