Friday night, before heading to Innis to catch a French ’60s crime drama double bill (ouais, c’etait magnifique), I busied myself by baking some cupcakes. Well, “busy” isn’t the right word. Baking relaxes me. Cooking does too, but baking more so. There’s something calming about creaming butter and sugar, whisking flour and baking powder, and stirring it all together and then putting the batter in the oven to let it do its thing while I do nothing as the scent of sweet yumminess wafts throughout my apartment…there’s something relaxing about lazily waiting for the deliciousness. So I was laughing with recognition when I heard this line from the musical Ride the Cyclone the next day:

You’re satisfied doing nothing –
just baking cupcakes and eating them.

That’s me in a cupcake, er, nutshell.

Nothing wrong with chilling at home with some cupcakes. Coconut, please. With buttercream icing. And a big glass of cold milk.

And if you need another reason to catch the musical, read my mini-review of Ride the Cyclone.