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When I biked along Lake Huron this summer, I spent a few days cycling the beautiful Manitoulin Island. Stalled by a flat, I didn’t get very far into the island once I’d pedalled off the MS Chi-Cheemaun at South Baymouth (disembarking the ferry, BTW, is seriously cool – I felt like I was being shot out of a rocket). Luckily, I was able to walk my loaded bike to the nearby quaint South Bay Resort, a tent and RV campground with cabins. Many of the sites overlook the picturesque shore of South Bay, and I was fortunate to get one.

As I stare out my windows into the darkness of November, I remember the stunning sunrise I woke up to my first morning on the island. I admit, at times I got at tad lonely bike touring solo for a few weeks, but vistas like the one on Manitoulin made the solitude of the trip worthwhile. Take a peak at the gorgeousness I awoke to, before the rains that drove me back to Tobermory hit.

(Props to the campground’s staff, who helped me fix two flats in as many days.)