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DAY 4 P.M.  Ta-da! My lazy “do nothing” day at Pirate Cove was relaxing but still so packed with animal sightings that I had to break it up into two posts. Double the pleasure, n’est pas? (I wish I could say that en español.) Gosh, to say I dislike creepy crawlies is an understatement. It’s beyond me why I later did a night tour, when I did not enjoy my daytime encounters with lizards like this one. It’s a clear enough photo that I could zoom in closer, but why would I want a detailed look at this beast? I got creeped out looking at it from a distance! Yes, my lazy day at Pirate Cove started out with my having breakfast with a toucan, so it shouldn’t have surprised me that a lizard would join me for lunch! Annnd that a caiman would tease me before dinner. No joke!!!

Back to lunch. So there I was, all alone, happily munching on my yummy quesadilla, feeling a bit lonely, to be honest. And as I was looking out at my bungalow (there it is in the photo!), I noticed something sitting on the perch behind the table...

...and while I was eating my lunch, this lizard was eating a banana! I admit, I was equally fascinated and grossed out by it, and couldn't stop taking pics.

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